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Tuna, as if it were just caught

Since we strive for an exceptionally high standard of quality, we choose a special processing method. Our tuna is immediately after catch frozen on board at a temperature of -60ºC. This leads to our 'superfrozen tuna' being known worldwide for its excellent quality.

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Thinking along, customization and product innovation

We continuously work on innovation together with our suppliers—from whom we buy directly from the source—and together with our clients. We keep enriching our assortment of premium fish by searching for new products and trends in the market.

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“Working with Interseafish gave us an opportunity that we couldn't imagine. Quality for a fair price and a better product!”

News & updates

12 July 2023
Exhibiting at the Seafood Expo Asia!

Interseafish will be exhibiting at the Seafood Expo Asia with 8 other members of the EU trade program. We will have our own booth at the Holland...

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12 July 2023
EU: problems with tuna from Vietnam

A lot of the “red tuna” that is offered in Europe is treated with all kinds of E-numbers to keep the colour, flavour etc.. This means they...

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12 July 2023
UK announces new model for food import checks

In the recently published draft Border “Target Operating Model” (TOM), the UK government has announced that there will be no more delays...

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