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Do you want to buy frozen tuna or even Super Frozen -60ºC tuna? Then you have come to the right place! At Interseafish, we have a high quality standard for all our products. Especially with our frozen tuna! Our excellent quality is not a goal for us, but a condition in itself.

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How do we keep our quality so high?

Fish, shellfish and other seafood are natural products, which have the highest quality just after they have been caught. It is therefore really important to use methods that keep the quality of the fish as high as possible. At Interseafish, we use a special processing method: the -60ºC Super Frozen freezing method.

buy frozen tuna

This method makes sure that the tuna is deep-frozen at a temperature of -60ºC within an hour after they have been caught while still on board of the ship. Because of the extremely low temperature and the high speed at which the fish is frozen, all the chemical processes of the tuna meat come to a. When the tuna gets defrosted after a while, the tuna will have the same quality at the time at which they were caught.

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As a supplier of frozen tuna, it is of utmost importance to keep the quality of our products high. That is why we have made a conscious choice to only use Super Frozen, Sashimi quality tuna that is 100% natural and unprocessed.

Thanks to many years of experience with the import of Super Frozen tuna, we have built up lot of knowledge about this method. We work only with the best producers, which allows us to supply the highest and stable Sashimi quality tuna to our customers.

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