Frozen razor clams

Are you looking for frozen razor clams? Interseafish is a Dutch supplier that delivers frozen razor clams all over Europe. With us, you have the guarantee that you will only receive shellfish of the very best quality.

What are frozen razor clams exactly?

Razor clams are special shellfish found on the North Sea Coast from France to Denmark. Like cockles and mussels, this shellfish contains muscle meat that is suitable for consumption. The frozen razor clams are exported throughout Europ; it is a real delicacy. They can be eaten raw, but are also suitable for cooking or stir-frying.

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De quality and sustainability of our razor clams

We greatly value the quality and sustainability of our products. We work closely with fisherman that use a unique fishing technique to catch razor clams. Using this method, razor clams are catched without damaging the shell and with a low environmental impact. Directly after the catch, the shellfish are processed and frozen to keep the quality of the razor clams as high as possible.

For these reasons, we are able to supply high-quality frozen razors that are MSC certified.

Frozen razor clams

What do we supply besides frozen razor clams?

Besides exporting frozen razor clams, we also supply various other fish products, such as:

  • Tuna (MSC)
  • King crab (MSC)
  • Soft-shell crab
  • Cockles (MSC)
  • Ebi (ASC)

All our products are frozen and available in different packages. See our full range on the product page.

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Since 1981, Interseafish is look for the treasures of the sea. Two important themes are central to this: quality and partnership. After all, our suppliers ensure that we can supply an enormous variety of fish, seafood and shellfish to our customers. And that also applies to our frozen razor clams. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or services.

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