A visit to our main shrimp supplier

Several times per year we visit our packers. We do this to make sure that the quality of our products is maintained and in line with our expectations. We always buy from the same packers as this enhances a stable quality supply. As a lot of our products are also going into retail, there are many additional factors that are of importance besides quality.

Last month we had yet again a trip scheduled, this time to our main shrimp supplier. In all the years we have worked together with this supplier we have had minimal quality issues. Through constant cooperation we have made sure we can continue with this strong relationship for the years to come.

The raw material supply at the moment is weak, but within the next two months this situation will improve again. We were happy to see that during the pandemic they had taken the opportunity of preparing themselves and do lots of maintenance to the factory. Not only did we audit the factory but we also discussed other important topics such as ways to avoid ablation of prawns, which has become quite a topic lately.

Interseafish was the first company in Europe to sell sushi ebi prawns. And since we are always eager on finding new items we have tested several new products during our visit. Stay tuned to find out more!