End of year holiday products!

Each year seems to pass by faster and this year is not different. Many companies have already started taking position for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This year we will have some nice items again. The king of all crab or simply king crab, is very popular during these days. We have already had quite some demand for this item. Although many companies prefer to buy it cooked, its raw version has grown in popularity as well. We can practically offer any size. Again we will receive a container with chum ikura. As in previous years, we will have the Japanese top quality number one from Alaska. However, we have made it even more attractive for the restaurants this year: it will all be packed in 1kg cases with a divider for 4 small blocks of 250g! In addition we will also receive hard shell chum ikura for our industrial clients. If you are interested and need more information, please give us a call!