Our high quality Nobashi

Interseafish was one of the first companies to introduce Nobashi in Europe and due to its success it has never disappeared from our assortment.

One of the main reasons for the success of our Nobashi is the high quality. Only the freshest prawns are used for our Interseafish brand resulting in this high quality, in combination with correct and consistent sizing and excellent taste. But what is Nobashi used for? The main purpose of this long straight raw prawn is to dip it into a tempura batter mix and fry it. As soon as the product has a light golden colour, it is nicely crunchy and ready to be eaten. All Japanese restaurants have it on their menu since this product is very popular.

Although we mainly work with the big sizes, we also offer the smaller Nobashi sizes. Nobashi prawns are not naturally straight. Whilst going through production, some small cuts are manually made in the prawn’s belly after which the prawn is straightened. Some companies take smaller prawns and try to stretch them as much as possible resulting in a very poor and thin Nobashi prawn. We never allow this and we do not compromise so you can enjoy a good, fresh and tasteful Nobashi.

As they say in Japan: Meshiagare!