The history of Interseafish

In 1981, brothers Jan and Jaap Schot started Interseafish. They were familiar with the mussels trade from an early age. However, they wanted to export this overseas.

By continuously traveling, their international network expanded and after a few years, the brothers were the largest exporters of Dutch frozen mussels meat, which was transported to France in large numbers. Soon, other products such as skewers, tongues and scallops, were added.

Honest products and high quality

As the business grew and spread more across the world, more and more products and markets were emerging. Products traveled from Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to Southern Europe, et cetera. From the very start, the emphasis was on delivering high-quality, honest products, without making concessions.

The real Japanese quality

The company built long-lasting and good relationships with reliable suppliers all over the world. Slowly, sushi-related products were added to the assortment, such as tuna saku. With the company only buying real Japanese quality, the demand for this product increased quickly and eventually, it was even delivered straight to the Kremlin.

Well-known in Europe

Since then, many products have been added and the Interseafish brand has become well-known in Europe, known for its high-quality fish. This line will be continued, so that our grandchildren can also enjoy sustainable, top-quality products!