Tuna tartar with wakame and wasabi mayonnaise recipe


Preparation time

30 minutes

4 servings

323 kcal/serving


-          300g tuna (or 1 saku block)
-          400g wakame
-          1 lime
-          2 tablespoons soya sauce
-          1 tablespoon sesame oil
-          1 tablespoon sushi vinegar
-          1 tablespoon mayonnaise
-          1 teaspoon wasabi paste
-          Black sesame seeds
-          Chili pepper powder
-          Fresh coriander

Cooking instruction:
Defrost the tuna saku and wakame prior to dinner time. Read our instructions on how to defrost our tuna saku by clicking here. Cut the tuna into small cubes once defrosted and put the blocks in a bowl. Add the soya sauce, sesame oil, sushi vinegar, juice of half a lime and some chili pepper at taste and stir everything together. Place the bowl with seasoned tuna in the refrigerator until needed again. 

Next, you are going to make the wasabi mayonnaise by mixing the mayonnaise with the juice of half a lime and the wasabi paste. Be careful with the amount of wasabi paste you use. It is best to start with a little bit less than 1 teaspoon and taste first before you add more.

Once you have made the wasabi mayonnaise it is time to fill and garnish the plates by using a round cooking mold. First you add some wakame in the cooking mold on a plate and gently press it with a spoon. Then you add the tuna tartar on top of the wakame and add the wasabi mayonnaise on the plate. Repeat the process for all the servings.

Garnish the tuna tartar with some black sesame seeds and fresh coriander.

Serve right away and enjoy this delicious meal!