Shellfish supplier

We, Interseafish, are a shellfish supplier that supplies several products throughout Europe. We have committed ourselves to keep the quality of our shellfish as high as possible ever since 1981. For us, quality is not a goal, but a condition in itself. Would you like to know more about our services or products? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

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What types of shellfish do we supply?

As a shellfish supplier, we supply various products to our customers throughout Europe. Below is a selection of our assortment: 

All of our products are delivered frozen. Moreover, our products are available in different packaging types. Are you looking for a product that is not available in our initial assortment? Then we are happy to discuss your wishes to deliver the products you need. However, we can only do this if the quality of the shellfish is guaranteed.

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How do we maintain the quality of our shellfish?

As a shellfish supplier, we believe delivering the highest achievable quality is our right to exist. Our network of fishers, suppliers, logistics partners and processors is optimally coordinated to guarantee efficiency and quality. Shellfish, like all other fish, are of the highest quality when freshly caught. That is why the logistics process is of essential importance. In addition, nothing is added to our products and our shellfish are farmed or caught and processed in the most natural way. 

Not only the quality of our products is very important: sustainability also plays an important role in our organization. For example, we are MSC certified and Friend of the Sea!

Shellfish supplier

Looking for a shellfish supplier?

Are you looking for a reliable shellfish supplier? Then you have come to the right place. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our products or services. Or request a free quote right away.