Tuna import

Over decades, we have specialized in Super Frozen tuna import. At Interseafish, we do everything we can to offer the highest quality fish for the best price. We achieve this by using the -60ºC freezing method, also called the Super Frozen freezing method.

In Japan, it is common to only eat raw tuna that has been frozen at -60ºC. This method ensures that the fish tastes extremely fresh after it has been defrosted. In the European Union, it is a legal requirement that tuna must have been frozen before it can be consumed raw. This is to kill any parasites present in the meat: raw, fresh tuna that has not been frozen can contain live parasites, and therefore this way of tuna import can cause serious health risks.

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As a supplier of Sashimi quality tuna, which can be used for raw consumption, it is extremely important to safeguard the product and guarantee quality. That is the reason that we have consciously made the choice to only use Super Frozen, Sashimi quality tuna. This way, the tuna is 100% natural, safe and unprocessed. 

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Sustainability in tuna import

At Interseafish, we believe in sustainable business. With our tuna import, we therefore do everything we can to offer our products as sustainably as possible. We achieve the best results by working together with our partners within the fishing industry. Because of our desire for sustainability, in collaboration with customers and producers, we are able to supply our top quality tuna with MSC certification

In our opinion, sustainability in tuna import does not only mean taking care of our fishing techniques, but it also means preserving natural ecosystems, safeguarding fish and taking care of the effects on the environment. Interested in our products? Get in touch with us.

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