An insight into the current tuna availability and supply

The super frozen tuna catch has been very poor last months and this has resulted in very low availability of this product. Every 2-3 years it happens that the tuna simply moves and it takes some time for the vessels to find the fish. These super frozen vessels normally go out fishing for many months, so it takes quite some time to see an improvement with respect to availability. Our tuna is primarily caught according to the MSC standards and this also means restrictions apply in the usage of certain devices. This is how we keep the tuna sustainable.

Although the super frozen tuna availability is very limited, Interseafish always does the utmost to secure enough product for its most loyal clients. Our big -60°C coldstore with tuna stocks helps us anticipating in these difficult times to ensure that clients don’t fall into a gap and they can keep enjoying real sashimi grade (thus -60°C super frozen) tuna! If you have any enquiries, please let us know and we will try to find the best way to help you, now and in the future.