An update on the cockle & whitebait season

The cockle season started end of February, however the catches were very poor in the first week. We were hoping for our regular size range between the 600-1400, but we only received 300/400 and 400/500. Also during the weeks that followed nothing smaller came out of the waters. Last 2 weeks we received some 1200+ which are selling really well due to the lack of regular size cockles (600-800, 800-1000 and 1000-1200). Currently, the quality of the cockles is going down because of too much seeds inside the cockles so we stopped fishing in the Danish waters and we started to catch in the Dutch Waddenzee. The first catch trail was promising, count size 600-800!

Contact our sales department for more information about cockle availability and sizes!

The catches of whitebait ended in April with a very bad catching season for small sized fish. Due to very high temperatures and therefore warm water no small fish came out of the ocean. Interseafish started a few years ago with a great alternative to supply their clients with a very nice product, (coated) Headed and Gutted (HG) whitebait. This product is well received by our clients as the quality is the same compared to the regular whitebait we have been supplying for decades.