Innovation at Interseafish: Dumplings!

Since our inception in 1981, Interseafish has always tried to be innovative. By means of technology, such as building the first -60°C cold store ever in Europe, but also by offering new products. The Korean cuisine has gained a lot of attention in many countries in Europe. Interseafish knows the Korean market very well due its tuna purchasing, covering almost two decades. This has resulted in some new typical Korean products: “Mandu” Korean style dumplings. Although they resemble the more standard dumplings, Mandu however are with the original Korean flavours, like world famous Korean fermented vegetables such as Kimchi and many more. Also the dough is thinner than the one you may be used to from the Chinese and Japanese kitchen and ours are quite bigger than what you normally encounter in the previously mentioned other Asian cuisines. This emphasises even more the delicious flavour of the filling inside. It can also be prepared in several ways: steaming in the microwave or in a traditional steamer, boiling in a soup, deep-fried in a fryer or fried in a pan. It doesn’t matter, because we can assure you that however you prepare it, you will like it.

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