Overseas delays and increased freight costs due to the Red Sea situation.

After the long transport delays from Asia to Europe caused by the Corona crisis, sea transports from Asia are once again experiencing delays. The Houthi rebels are attacking commercial ships on the red sea passing through the Suez Canal from Asia to Europe causing on unsafe situation forcing the ships to use another route via Cape Town – South-Africa. Also our containers are experiencing overseas transport delays of 10 to 14 days since many shipping companies are now structurally using the alternative route to avoid the Red sea and Suez Canal. The current problems and uncertainties on the Red sea have directly driven up the cost of sea freight in a range of 5 to even 40% according to different sources. Not only the problems in the Red Sea are causing delays, also the water level in the Panama Canal has been very low for more than half a year due to the lack of rain. Ships that have to go from Asia to the east coast of the USA also have to make a detour. Worldwide, this has an effect on transport flows and associated transport prices. The delays are unfortunately out of our hands but we are doing our utmost to prevent clients from falling into a gap.

Photo source: hrw.org