Top quality tuna

We maintain an exceptionally high standard of quality for all our products, but the quality of our tuna is a story in itself. We are known for our special processing method and high quality for a good reason.

Quality of fresh tuna

To maintain the quality of our tuna at the highest possible level, we choose an exceptional processing method, in which the tuna is frozen on board to a temperature of -60ºC immediately after catch.

This temperature is so low and the speed with which the fish is frozen is so high, that all chemical processes in the flesh of the fish come to a halt. When the tuna is later defrosted, the fish is in the exact same condition as it was one hour after being caught.

The standard in Japan

Thanks to this processing and freezing method, Interseafish's tuna has a better quality than tuna from many other suppliers. Often, this tuna has already been chilled for several days on a fishing boat, so the quality has already begun to deteriorate.
The -60ºC freezing method used by Interseafish is the standard in Japan—a country that knows, like no other, how important fresh, high-quality tuna is for preparing sushi.


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