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About 70% of the earth's surface consists of water. Therefore, it isn't so strange that the largest treasures of the world can be found in the sea. With a wide diversity of fish, seafood and crustaceans, the sea has been providing us with pleasure and culinary delight for centuries. But you do have to know where you can find it.

Quality and partnership, since 1981.

Interseafish has been looking for those treasures worldwide everyday since 1981 and, from the start of our existence, we have focused on important themes: quality and partnership.

"Delivering the highest possible quality is an existential right for Interseafish."

Delivering the highest possible quality is an existential right for Interseafish. We do not consider excellent quality a goal, but as a condition in and of itself. By regularly visiting our suppliers, constantly investing in our own knowledge and not making any concessions, we can guarantee constant and maximum quality. We simply don't settle for less. And that is a promise you can hold us to.

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Sustainable relationships

But delivering quality is not the only condition we have, because the high level that we aim for with the products we deliver, is also applicable to the way we work. Interseafish has been investing in sustainable relationships with its suppliers and customers since it was founded. Many of the relationships that our family business maintains date from the early years of the company, and some customers have been with us for more than 30 years.
This way of working is not a commercial choice. It is just how we are at Interseafish. Over the years, we have learned that you can achieve the best results from trust and cooperation. And we are proud that we have achieved that, together with our partners.

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