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Do you want to buy red king crab? Then you have come to the right place at Interseafish! Delicious meat with a sweet taste, only of the best quality and price.

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Red king crab

The red king crab is one of the most popular crab species among consumers. This shellfish can reach a wingspan of almost 2 meters! The legs and shoulders of the red king crab are full of delicious sweet meat. That is why the red king crab is one of the most sought-after delicacies from the sea. 

buy red king crab

Other types of crabs

At Interseafish, we do not just sell red king crabs: our assortment consists of different types of crabs that we deliver throughout Europe. For example, we offer: 

  • Snow crab: The snow crab is slightly smaller than the red king crab but its meat is very sweet and tasty. This crab is offered in cooked clusters, meat blocks and claws.

  • Soft-shell crab: The soft-shell crab lives up to its name, as these crabs have just scaled and are therefore still soft. These crabs are whole cleaned and therefore consumed as a whole. Usually, this product is fried. 

  • Crab claws: Crab claws are a real Dutch product! Our crab claws are of excellent quality and are offered raw. 

Next to crab, we also supply various fish products such as tuna and salmon. Our products are available throughout Europe. Interested in our entire assortment? Take a look at our product page! 

Buy red king crab at Interseafish

At Interseafish, we deliver seafood of the highest quality, for the best price under the most sustainable conditions. We can guarantee our quality through an optimally coordinated network of fishers, suppliers, logistic partners and processors. We offer our frozen king crab legs raw, cooked, in clusters, in single legs or in claws. 

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