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Are you looking to buy snow crab? Then you have come to the right place! Snow crab is a true delicacy. The shellfish is very popular for its snow-white flesh, firm texture and sweet taste. The snow crab lives in the cold waters of seas and oceans. The two most popular species are Paralomis Granulosa and Chionocetes Opilio.

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Buy Snow crab from Interseafish

At Interseafish, you will find the highest quality of snow crab,at the best price. Through an optimally coordinated network of processors, suppliers and logistic partners, we have been able to maintain our unrivalled quality for years.

Snow crab supplier

The quality of the snow crab is highest immediately after the catch. To guarantee this quality and preserve its delicious taste, the snow crab is frozen as quickly as possible. This way, you are always assured of the freshest and tastiest snow crab at Interseafish!

Other types of crabs

Other than buying snow crab, we offer various other crab types! For example, we can deliver: 

  • King crab: The king crab can grow to a reach of 1.8 meters. This crab has a very good taste and its legs and shoulders are full of meat. We can supply this crab raw or cooked, in clusters, blocks of meat, claws or legs. 

  • Soft-shell crab: Soft-shell crabs have just scaled and are therefore still very soft. We deliver these crabs whole cleaned, so that you can consume them whole. This product is often fried and has a very good taste!

  • Crab claws: Crab claws are a real Dutch product! The crab claws supplied by Interseafish are raw and of excellent quality.  

Buy snow crab from Interseafish

At Interseafish, we have years of experience selling snow crab. Sustainability and quality are very important to us and we are continuously innovating and optimizing to ensure the best quality. We offer our snow crab as cooked clusters, claws and blocks of shoulder and body meat. Would you like to know more about our snow crab or request a quote? Please feel free to contact us!

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