Frozen ebi fry

Are you looking for frozen ebi fry? The frozen ebi fry from Interseafish is of ultra-fresh quality. By working with excellent suppliers and continuously investing in our own knowledge, we can guarantee this high quality. Only the best is good enough. Find out how we optimally preserve our frozen ebi fry at Interseafish or request a quote.

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What exactly is ebi fry?  

When the nobashi ebi prawn is coated with panko, a Japanese breadcrumb coating, it is called an ebi fry. The nobashi ebi prawn is a trade name for a peeled stretchedscampi, or giant prawn. The prawn is prepared by removing the legs and peeling the shell. But the tail remains. Next the intestinal tract will be removed through a small slit in the back. Finally, the prawn will be straightened and then covered with flour, beaten egg and panko. Very crispy and tasty!

Frozen ebi fry
The quality of our frozen ebi fry

The giant prawn is carefully farmed in Southeast Asia. The prawns live in large ponds with a very comfortable habitat. This ensures rich taste and high quality. Immediately after capture, this quality is the highest. Therefore, the prawns are cleaned, processed and frozen as soon as possible after the catch. That’s why you are always assured at Interseafish of the freshest and tastiest frozen ebi fry with ASC label.


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At Interseafish, we have years of experience in selling frozen ebi fry. Since 1981, we have been searching every day for the finest seafood around the world. Sustainability and quality come first! Over the years, this provided us with a nice assortment of sustainable and high quality products as a reputable supplier. Would you like to know more about our frozen ebi fry or request a quote? Then please contact us.

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