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Interseafish is a frozen fish distributor with a worldwide network of excellent suppliers who value a  sustainable approach. Because of our cooperation with these suppliers and our continuous investment in our knowledge, we can always guarantee seafood of the best quality. Curious about our premium products? View our product range or request a quote.

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Product range of frozen fish distributor Interseafish

Have you seen our broad product range of frozen seafood yet? As a frozen fish distributor we offer mollusks, crustaceans, tuna and other seafood. All our products are frozen, of excellent quality and available in several packaging options. View our full product range on the product page. Below you will find a selection of our assortment as frozen fish distributor:

Besides frozen fish, we also supply a variety of sushi products. Check out our product page for our full assortment.

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With natural products like fish, shellfish and seafood, it is of extreme importance to refrigerate the products immediately after the catch. This is the only way to keep the quality of the products as high as possible. At Interseafish we preserve this quality by, among other things, freezing our tuna at a temperature of -60ºC on board of the ship immediately after the catch. This is not only important to ensure the quality, but also the flavor is best preserved this way. At Interseafish we do our very best to only deliver excellent quality frozen fish to our customers. 

frozen fish distributor

Not only the quality, but also the sustainability of our frozen fish is of utmost importance. We work hard every day to secure the fish we supply for future generations, so that they can enjoy the most delicious fish too. In addition, no additives are added to our frozen fish. Because of our focus on sustainability, we are ASC and MSC certified and Friend Of The Sea

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Frozen fish distributor Interseafish has become a well-known name in Europe, because we are known for the best quality frozen fish. Are you curious what we can do for you? Please fill out the contact form or request a quote.

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