Frozen fish supplier

We, Interseafish, are a supplier of frozen fish, shellfish and other types of seafood.We deliver our products throughout all of Europe. We have been committed to supplying frozen fish of the best possible quality since 1981. The quality of fish is the highest directly after the catch. We therefore always strive to keep the duration between catch and freezing as short as possible. 

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Our range of frozen fish

We have a wide range of frozen fish products. Our assortment contains: 

  • Superfrozen Tuna (Chunks, Loins and Saku)

  • Shrimp (Sushi Ebi, Nobashi Ebi, Ebi Fry and Deep Fried Ebi Tempura)

  • Fish (Sprots, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Black Cod, Hamachi, Spiering, and Salmon)

  • Shellfish (Clams, Razors, Scallop Meat, Yellow Clam Meat, and Shell on Clams)

  • Crustaceans (King Crab, Snow Crab, Crab Claws, and Soft Shell Crab)

All our products are frozen and available with different certifications and in different packaging. View our full range on the product page.

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How do we maintain our high quality standard?

As a frozen fish supplier, we have the following motto: 'for us, excellent quality is not a goal, but a condition in itself!'. This motto is also reflected in our product assortment. For example, our tuna is of such high quality that it is widely used in the preparation of sushi. Because sushi is consumed raw, the quality of this fish is of extreme importance. To guarantee our quality and freshness, our tuna is frozen on board of the ship, immediately after being caught, to a temperature of -60ºC. This way, bacterial development comes to a stop and any parasites are killed. 

Not only the quality, but also the sustainability of our fish is of utmost importance. This is an ongoing process for us, as it asks for constantly developing new ways to safeguard the fish species we trade for our future generations. Additionally, no additives are added to our frozen fish, except when it really contributes to the quality of the fish. We can also supply products that are ASC and MSC certified.

Frozen fish supplier

Why Interseafish?

Ever since we started in 1981, we have built good and long-term relationships with reliable suppliers all over the world. Since then, Interseafish has become a well-known supplier in Europe that ensures top quality products. Are you looking for a reliable, high-quality frozen fish supplier? Please feel free to contact us. 

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