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Interseafish is a frozen seafood supplier that has been searching for the best seafood since 1981. We do this by supplying frozen seafood of the highest quality. By working together with excellent suppliers and continuously investing in our own knowledge, we are able to guarantee the best quality at all times. Are you interested in our frozen seafood or our fish products? View our product page or request a quote.

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How do we guarantee the quality of our frozen seafood?

As a frozen seafood supplier, we believe delivering the highest achievable quality is our right to exist. We ensure that our network of fishers, suppliers, logistics partners and processors is optimally coordinated. Seafood is of the highest quality when freshly caught, and we keep that quality high by optimizing our logistics process. 

Next to optimizing our logistics process, we use special processing methods to maintain the quality of our products. Take our tuna as an example: within one hour after catching, our tuna is frozen on board at a temperature of -60ºC. This allows us to deliver a high quality tuna that is as fresh as one hour after the catch! Legally, tuna can only be eaten raw after it has been frozen. 

In addition, we use special processing methods to maintain quality. Take our tuna as an example. Within one hour of the catch, our tuna is frozen on board at a temperature of -60ºC. This allows us to deliver a quality tuna that, after thawing, is the same as one hour after catch. Legally, only tuna that has been frozen can be eaten raw.

Quality is also leading within our fish species and shellfish; something you would expect of a renowned frozen seafood supplier.

What frozen seafood do we supply to our customers?

All our products are frozen and available in different packaging. We supply a wide range of frozen seafood products, such as:

  • Sushi Ebi - ASC

  • Nobashi Ebi - ASC

  • Ebi Fry - ASC

  • King Crab - MSC

  • Snow Crab

  • Soft Shell Crab

  • Crab scissors

View the full range on our product page.

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