Frozen soft shell crab

Are you looking for a supplier who also delivers frozen soft shell crab? We deliver frozen soft-shell crabs of the finest quality. This is possible by cooperating closely together with the best suppliers that work in a responsible and sustainable way. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then come in contact with us by filling out our contact form.

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What is a soft shell crab?

A soft shell crab is a crab that has been caught just after they are scaled. This makes the crabs soft, because they have not yet developed a new hard shell. After the soft shell crab gets caught, it gets frozen to maintain its quality. The crabs can be prepared in many ways, but the most common way is to fry them.

 Frozen soft shell crab

How do we deliver only the best frozen soft shell crabs?

We work closely together with a small producer in Thailand that produces frozen soft shell crabs only for us. This way, we guarantee that we can deliver the best soft shell crabs on the market.

Not only the quality, but also the sustainability of the soft shell crab is important to us. That is why we only buy crabs that been grown in a natural way, so the crab is full of meat and taste! There are various other producers who cut of the claws and paws of the crab to increase the speed of the molting process. This is a cheaper method, but the meat will never be as good. The frozen soft shell crabs that we deliver are grown in a clean environment where they do not get any antibiotics. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee a consistent quality of the crab.

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