Frozen tuna Saku

In Japanese, the blocks of tuna Interseafish imports are called ‘Saku’. These pre-cut forms of tuna are extremely popular in Japan and are mainly used for the preparation of sushi or Sashimi. 

Frozen tuna Saku

Our frozen tuna Saku offers many benefits. For example, there is a good supply throughout the entire year, there are less labor costs for cutting, there is no cutting waste and it is easy to defrost and store the products. 

With sushi, it is of extreme importance to use tuna with a fresh taste and a beautiful red/pink color. At Interseafish, we realize this like no other. Therefore, for this reason, we consciously choose to only sell -60ºC Super Frozen tuna. At a temperature of -60ºC, the entire bacterial development within the tuna stops. Any parasites present in the meat of the tuna are killed because of this. All tuna we sell is 100% natural, of Sashimi quality, unprocessed and just as fresh as when it was just caught. A lot of ‘fresh’ tuna that is being sold is often a few weeks old. Not as fresh, indeed!

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Buy frozen tuna Saku from Interseafish

Do you opt for the highest quality, the best price and the most sustainable conditions? Choose for Interseafish! Through an optimally coordinated network of fishers and logistics partners, we can guarantee our high quality at all times. Our Saku blocks are MSC certified.

We are happy to explain the different options of our Sashimi quality Saku during a personal conversation. This way, you will surely get a product that meets your needs and expectations. 

Frozen tuna Saku

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100% natural and unprocessed Saku

All frozen tuna Saku we sell is 100% natural and unprocessed. Unfortunately, there are several suppliers who sell colored tuna to hide the fact that the tuna is not as fresh anymore. By adding colored additives to the tuna, you can no longer properly assess the state of freshness. If you consume this colored tuna raw, for example when eating sushi, there is an increased risk of histamine poisoning. Next to that, the taste and quality of colored tuna is obviously less natural. 

At Interseafish, we stand for quality and food safety. That is why we always recommend you buying 100% natural, frozen and unprocessed Saku. We would love to help you!