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Do you want to buy frozen tuna or even Super Frozen -60ºC tuna? Then you have come to the right place! At Interseafish, we set a very high quality standard for all of our products. We promise that the quality of our frozen tuna is exceptional. 



Frozen tuna of excellent quality: how do we do that?

The quality of a natural product like tuna is the highest immediately after the catch. Therefore, we work with tuna that is frozen on board at -60ºC immediately after the catch. This tuna is also known as Super Frozen Tuna. 

At a temperature of -60ºC, the entire bacterial development in the tuna meat comes to a stop. It is therefore essential to keep the tuna at -60ºC throughout the entire chain: from transport to storage. We monitor the temperature inside the containers during transport to ensure its freshness. Then, the tuna is stored in our brand new -60ºC cold store. We do this to ensure the tuna remains as fresh as at the time of the catch

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100% natural and unprocessed tuna

All tuna we sell is 100%, of Sashimi quality and unprocessed. Unfortunately, there are several other suppliers who work with colored tuna. This is tuna that has colored additives to it, to make the tuna look fresher so that they can sell the tuna as Sashimi quality. However, due to these colored additives, the actual state of freshness of the tuna can no longer be properly assessed. When eaten raw, this can lead to histamine poisoning. 

Fresh tuna is often chosen for the preparation of sushi. However, this is not allowed under European Union law. The tuna must first have been frozen before raw consumption. This is because the fish can contain parasites that are only killed once the product has been frozen. 

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As a supplier of frozen tuna, it is extremely important to keep the quality of the product high. That is why we have made a conscious choice to only use Super Frozen, Sashimi quality tuna that is 100% natural and unprocessed. Do you have any questions or do you want to request a quote? Get in touch with us!

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