King crab supplier

The king crab is undoubtedly one of the most popular crab species for consumption. The king crab is also known as the red king crab, named after its red color after it has been cooked. At Interseafish, we only supply king crabs of the highest quality. Are you looking for a king crab supplier that truly values quality? Then you have come to the right place. 

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Best quality king crab

The king crab is a real delicacy because the meat is tender with a full and sweet taste. Additionally, the legs are full of meat. The king crab is one of the largest crab species and can even reach a wingspan of 1.8 meters.

We supply the king crab both raw and cooked, in clusters, meat blocks, claws, split legs or in single legs. 

King crab supplier

Other crab types

Of course we do not just sell red king crabs at Interseafish: our assortment contains various types of tasty crabs! We deliver these crabs all over Europe. Other crab species we sell are, for example:

  • Snow crab: The snow crab is a bit smaller than the red king crab and its flesh is very sweet and full of flavour. We supply this crab in cooked clusters, as well as in meat blocks and claws. 

  • Soft-shell crab: The soft-shell crab is, as its name suggests, a very soft crab. This is because they have just scaled. We supply these crabs whole cleaned so that they can be consumed in their entirety. Usually these crabs are deep fried. 

  • Crab claws: Crab claws are a real Dutch product. Our crab claws are of excellent quality and offered raw. 

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Will Interseafish be your king crab supplier?

At Interseafish, we have been searching for the treasures of the sea since 1981. We focus on two extremely important themes: quality and partnership. As a result, we ensure that we can supply a wide diversity of fish, seafood and shellfish to our customers. 

We believe delivering the highest achievable quality is our right to exist. And that also applies to the king crabs we deliver! Would you like to know more about us as a king crab supplier? Please feel free to contact us!

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