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Are you looking for a snow crab distributor? Then Interseafish is the right partner for you! We offer the highest quality snow crab, caught under the most sustainable conditions and for the best price. Thanks to our extensive network of fishermen, suppliers and logistic partners, we have completely optimized the catching and transportation process. This is how we have been able to maintain our unmatched quality for years. Curious about our products? Please feel free to contact us, or view our product range directly!

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The snow crab: a true delicacy

The snow crab is a real delicacy thanks to its sweet taste, firm texture and snow-white flesh. The crab is mostly found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, where it lives on the muddy seabeds. The snow crab is similar to the king crab, yet the two crab species differ from each other. For example, the king crab is larger and heavier, and has three pairs of legs while the snow crab has five pairs of legs. However, the taste of the snow crab is certainly not inferior to the king crab.

snow crab distributor
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You are assured of quality from us as snow crab distributor

The quality of snow crab is the highest immediately after it is being caught. To ensure the quality and preserve the taste, the snow crab is frozen as quickly as possible. Through our extensive network of fishermen, suppliers and logistic partners, snow crab distributor Interseafish can always guarantee you the tastiest snow crab.

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Snow crab distributor Interseafish

Interseafish has years of experience as a snow crab distributor. Sustainability and quality have always been our number one priorities. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will always get the best and most durable quality at the most competitive price at Interseafish. Also, when it comes to our snow crab. Are you looking for a snow crab distributor? Please contact us.

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