Super frozen tuna

Quality is one of the most important factors of good tuna. If the quality does not meet a certain standard, health risks arise. Interseafish guarantees to supply only the highest quality super frozen tuna. For Interseafish, excellent quality is not a goal, but a condition in itself.

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What do we mean by 'super frozen tuna'?

With our super frozen tuna, we use a unique processing method. The tuna gets frozen on board of the ship within an hour after the catch at a temperature of -60ºC. The temperature is so low and the speed at which the tuna is frozen is so high that, after defrosting, the fish has the same quality as it just has been caught. For these reasons, our tuna is of Sashi quality and therefore extremely suitable for sushi, where the tuna is consumed raw.

Super frozen tuna

What types of super frozen tuna do we supply?

We supply various types of of super frozen tuna that are suitable for preparing various dishes:

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What’s the best way to defrost super frozen tuna?

If you want to maintain the maximum quality of the super frozen tuna, it is important that you defrost the tuna well. The best way to defrost tuna is in water that has a temperature between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. For the full explanation, you can watch the instruction video below.

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Is our super frozen tuna unprocessed?

Our super frozen tuna is of Sashimi quality: 100% natural and completely free from any additives. Increasingly, producers are selling tuna that has been coloured. This tuna is of lower quality. To disguise this, an additive is used which makes the fish redder in color and therefore looks fresher. This carries health risks when this processed tuna is used for sushi.

In Europe, it’s only allowed to use tuna for sushi that has been frozen beforehand. In addition, such tuna must meet high quality standards and be of Sashimi quality in order to avoid any health risks. At Interseafish, we only work with suppliers who freeze tuna to -60°C on board of the ship, immediately after capture, to ensure the highest possible Sashimi quality.

Why Interseafish?

At Interseafish, we have been committed to supplying fish products of the highest achievable quality since 1981. Partnership is an important part of this, as it is only possible to supply these products through our close cooperation with various suppliers. In addition, being a responsible supplier is important to us. For these reasons, we offer MSC certified tuna. Fisheries receive this certificate if they adhere to the following three principles: 

  1. These should be no overfishing. Enough fish must remain in the sea to keep the population at a healthy level.
  2. Fisheries should not have a significant impact on marine life such as marine mammals, birds and corals.
  3. Adhering to the rules of good management. There is sound scientific knowledge that underlies such management. 

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