Tuna for sushi

Are you looking for tuna for sushi? We maintain an exceptionally high quality standard for all our -60ºC Super Frozen Sashimi quality tuna. Find out how we at Interseafish preserve our tuna for sushi in the best possible way, or request a price quotation directly.

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Premium quality tuna for sushi

When preparing sushi, the quality of fresh tuna is extremely important. In order to guarantee this quality, Interseafish solely uses the so-called -60ºC freezing method. With this exceptional method, the tuna for sushi is frozen at a temperature of -60ºC on board of the ship within an hour of being caught.

The high speed, in combination with the low temperature at which the tuna is frozen, ensures that all chemical processes in the tuna meat come to a stop. Additionally, we control the entire transport chain at -60ºC, and we store the tuna in our own 400-tonne -60ºC cold store. This way, we ensure that the tuna for sushi retains its fresh and 100% natural state with that beautiful red color. This without using E-numbers or any other additions.

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Tuna for sushi

Sashimi quality from Interseafish tuna for sushi

Did you know that in Europe, it is compulsory to freeze tuna for sushi before consuming it raw? In this way, any parasites present are killed. This method of preservation is called sashimi quality. This Super Frozen -60ºC freezing method is the standard in the country of sushi: Japan!

At Interseafish we also use this successful method to optimally preserve our tuna for sushi. This is why many people choose Super Frozen Sashimi quality tuna from Interseafish. This way, our customers are assured of serving a 100% natural, tasty and safe dish.

Are you interested in our high quality tuna for sushi? Then take a look at our extensive product range, contact us for more information or request a quotation!

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