Sushi fish supplier

Are you looking for a reliable sushi fish supplier? Then Interseafish is the partner for you! Since 1981 we have been searching for the best fish, shellfish and crustaceans every day, and we have been delivering our high quality products all over Europe.

Thanks to our cooperation with sustainable partners all over the world and our continuous investment in our knowledge, we can always guarantee the best quality. Are you curious about our products as a sushi fish supplier? Check out our product page or request a price quote directly.

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Sushi fish supplier

The best quality sushi fish from Interseafish

As a sushi fish supplier, we value sustainability and quality. For instance, all our sushi fish is caught in the most sustainable way possible. We are dedicated to ensuring that the fish we supply is safe for future generations, so that they can enjoy the most delicious fish too. Because of our point of view on sustainability, we are ASC and MSC certified and Friend Of The Sea.

Interseafish maintains the highest quality standards for all our fish products. And that is what you taste! Below, you can find a selection of our product range as a sushi fish supplier:

Besides sushi fish, we also supply various other Japanese and Korean sushi products, such as Wakame, Tamagoyaki and Gyeran Mari. View our product page for our full assortment.

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Sushi fish supplier


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Since 1981, Interseafish has been searching for the tastiest treasures of the sea. Two important themes are central to this: quality and partnership. Our suppliers ensure that we can supply an enormous diversity of fish, seafood and shellfish to our customers. And that also applies to our sushi fish. Are you curious what we can do for you as a sushi fish supplier? Then fill out the contact form or request a price quote directly.

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